Ab-Soul details his failed suicide attempt “I Woke Up On The Ground”

TDE’s top-notch lyricist Ab-Soul has finally returned with a brand new album “Herbert” and to talk about it in detail Soulo has sat down to discuss his highs and lows during the recording of his latest LP.

Ab-Soul released a song titled “Gotta Do Better” along with a music video where the 35-year-old is shown jumping off a building alluding to a suicide attempt. Soulo talks about the failed suicide attempt which according to him occurred after he was done recording the album.

..and as soon as I said everything I needed to say, I jumped. I took a leap of faith if you will. And that was the only way I was going to be able to put that vape down, bro. Ain’t nobody going to rehab for a damn vape pen ..expensive as hell! But that was the only way I was gonna be able to put that s– down, bro. I know that for a fact… I feel as though God sat my b—a– down.”

On the Injuries, he suffered “If my knee would have been affected, I might not be walking. I did not get any brain damage. I jumped off a freeway overpass, man, it was about 50 feet. I think a car broke my fall. No brain damage. It’s God. That was, ‘Alright bro, now sit down and shut up. Take it all in. Relax. You blessed, man.”

Moments right after the jump “I woke up on the ground. ‘Oh yeah, he still here,’” he remembered. “My first thought was, ‘f— idiot”‘ I woke up on the floor, bro. Yanked me up, I passed back out and woke up in the hospital.”

Ab-Soul also assures his fans and close ones in the interview saying “I’m not suicidal anymore..I’m still not. That’s it”

Watch the full interview below: