Soulja Boy clowns NBA YoungBoy for “Stop The Violence” message

Fans of NBA Youngboy might have noticed the Baton Rogue Rapper has shown his “Stop The Violence” stance on his recent music and various social media posts.YoungBoy also released a song titled “This Not A Song “This For My Supporters” where he raps “Twelve bodies and one child dead, “Stop the violence” what I f—- said”.

In a recent Instagram Live, Soulja Boy addressed NBA YoungBoy’s message of “Stop The Violence” by taking indirect shots at YB “I ain’t paint my nails. I ain’t squashing no beefs . Everybody gotta die” yelled Soulja Boy on his live stream with re[eatedly saying “we promoting violence”. He also claimed he’s the only straight Rapper left.

Last month Soulja Boy trolled NBA Youngboy indirectly for using nail polish in one of his music videos “why don’t you go to your favorite Rapper and ask him why he got fingernail polish”. said Soulja Boy.

Watch both of the clips below: