Kodak Black admits he cried after Saweetie chose Quavo over him

Florida-based Rapper Kodak Black is known mostly for his witty sense of humor but the 24-year-old Rapper shared his emotional moment with fans during a live stream session.

Kodak was on a join live stream with fellow Florida Rapper Yungeen Ace on Instagram and during the discussion, Yak revealed to fans and Yungeen Ace “Saweetie picked Quavo over me she made me cry bro” Kodak further said he salutes their relationship cause they were going steady for a long time.

Despite being in a relationship for almost three years the couple announced their split just last year and after a few days, a video went viral that shows the two getting into an altercation in an elevator. Migos Rapper Quavo reenacted the incident in his song with Takeoff “Messy” where he rapped “I said, “Caresha, please” (Soo) ’cause she too messy (Please)
B— f— my dawg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’ (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it”.


Many people took that as a jibe towards Quavo’s now ex Saweetie who a month later released Saweetie released a song titled “Don’t Say Nothin” where she takes aim at her former boyfriend. Saweetie was then criticized for the timing of the track due to Takeoff’s passing a few days ago.

Watch Kodak Black talks about Saweetie and Quavo below: