Quentin Miller Says Pusha T won against Drake

Infamous songwriter Quentin Miller was the latest guest on DJ Vlad’s where he discussed writing for Drake in past, he also touched on writing for Nas in King’s Disease. In one of the recent clips shared by Vlad Miller was asked about the infamous beef between Pusha T and Drake.

“Obviously it was a Pusha W,” said Quentin when asked who he thinks won the battle as time has passed. Quentin also compared  Pusha’s track “Story Of Adidon” to Jay-Z’s “Supaugly” a diss against Nas back in 2001.

Miller who has previously worked with Drake said “I liked Duppy [Freestyle] tho sonically beat was fire you know the flow was crazy…but Adidon got it. He also praised Drizzy for not responding to Story Of Adidon “I’m glad Drake didn’t try to go lower than that because it just would have been so out of character. Sometimes you’re gonna fight with that guy who is throwing the hands and sometimes you’re gonna fight with that guy who’s gonna pull out the blade on you and from Pusha’s perspective he had to pull out the blade..Drake was ending people” said Quentin later he jokingly says “Drake won’t f– with me even more after this.”

Recently Pusha-T has also shared his opinion on this beef which happened almost five years ago now saying that “Every time I hear a subliminal in one of his songs, it just lets me know how deep it hurt him. “