Tony Yayo says G-Unit wouldn’t be as big without Eminem’s co-sign

G-Unit member and New York-based Rapper Tony Yayo was a guest at DJ Vlad where the vet emcee talked about different topics which are being uploaded by Vlad in several’s parts.

In one of the latest shared clips, Yayo was asked to share his experience of being in the recording booth with legend Eminem who’s also a former colleague of his through the Shady/Aftermath imprint. Tony first touched on time when Em was recording 50 Cent’s classic Many Men

“I think what makes Eminem astronomical was when he was doing production on Many Men, he did a lot of production on Get Rich Or Die Tryin was the footsteps and shots..footsteps came from Poltergeist. It was crazy” He then went on to praise Eminem’s success saying right now he can sell out a stadium right now with no problem.

Tony Yayo also gave credit to Eminem for making G-Unit huge and explains his cosign “What he did for me and what i have seen what he did for 50 [Cent] and Banks and G-Unit as a whole and D12 and Obie Trice everybody went Platinum and Gold. Getting co-signs from Em we had an overseas connection. It wasn’t really just Interscope..Interscope was a part of Jimmy Iovine but Eminem is a machine as a whole. He might not come outside and relate to other s—  that people want to see him. Look what he did with Griselda cause when you look at Griselda not saying they’re not dope emcees Westside Gunn is fire, Benny ..Conway they fire but that Eminem co-sign..when you look at Joe Budden’s Slaughterhouse like the Eminem co=sign is a different kind of co-sign. “

Tony Yao credited Eminem’s cosign for G-Unit’s series, video games, merch, and record sales and said G-Unit would have blew up but it wouldn’t be as big as it was without Eminem and Dr. Dre’s co-sign.