Watch: Footage of Cardi B yelling backstage at Grammys after alleged Offset and Quavo fight

Right after the 65th GRAMMYs Awards was concluded, TMZ reported that the two former Migos Rapper Quavo and Offset got into a physical altercation backstage at the awards show.

According to the news outlet right before Quavo took the stage to perform his song “Without You” as a tribute to late friend and Migos member Takeoff during the “In Memoriam” segment of the show, he and Offset got into a physical fight, and had to be pulled apart. They also implied that it was Quavo who started the fight.

Shortly after the news broke, Offset took to Twitter where he responded to this news and completely denied any fight that took place between him and Quavo. “What tf look like fighting my brother yal n— is crazy” wrote Takeoff.

New footage has surfaced which was shot by Entertainment Tonight Online, where Cardi B can be clearly heard yelling  “Both of y’all wrong. This is not right. No b—-, shut the f— up cuz you shouldn’t have been talking.” This happened before Quavo was supposed to take the stage for the tribute of Takeoff who passed away just a few months back.

The real context of Cardi B yelling in the clip ( watch below) is not clear but since the word “both” is mentioned by her many are claiming she’s yelling at Quavo and Offset.