Ed Sheeran Shows Love to Eminem & Calls Him “Hero”

Ed Sheeran posted a new video on TikTok in which he shared a little insight about performing with Eminem at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ed Sheeran has mentioned multiple times that Eminem was a childhood inspiration to him. Marshall and Sheeran have collaborated on three tracks, establishing their bond as musicians.

The first song they featured on, “River,” was released in 2017, followed by “Remember The Name” in 2019 and “Those Kinda Nights” in 2020.

During an interview with SiriusXM in 2021, The 31-year-old singer revealed that he and Eminem share many hobbies and interests. He also explained how Em inspired him to find a balance between his professional and personal life.

The duo’s last appearance together was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where the Detroit icon brought out Ed Sheeran to help him perform one of his biggest hits, ‘Stan.’

In a new TikTok video, Ed talks about the impact Eminem had on his childhood and what it was like to share the stage with his “hero.”

“So I had a stutter when I was a kid,” he says. “I had to go through speech therapy and part of my speech therapy was learning Eminem songs, and Eminem was my favorite artist as a child, and when I got older, I ended up getting an opportunity to work with him. Meeting your idol, my hero. We became friends and he asked me to sing ‘Stan’ with him, which is my favorite song of his, at the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

He continues: I’m on stage right now, thinking, ‘How the hell did I get on this stage?’ It was just a lovely, lovely day. I love him and congratulations on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

See the clip below:


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