Drake picks between Ronaldo and Messi

Superstar Rapper Drake shocked everyone earlier as he appeared on popular Youtuber IshowSpeed’s latest video where he called Drake on Facetime.

The call which lasted for roughly 90 seconds saw Drake first encouraging the young YouTuber saying “I’m proud of you”. IShowSpeed quickly asked Drake to choose between two of legendary football players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in an unexpected turn in this conversation.

Drake politely responded by picking Ronaldo as he explained “for me probably Ronaldo to be honest, but i know that’s probably not going to go well.I know it’s a Messi moment right now but for me I just always been the Ronaldo fan” said Drake also noting that he’s just like Speed who himself is a big Ronaldo fan. A few seconds later Drake ended the call in the middle of the conversation after the excited Speed complimented Drake by saying “his voice is smooth and sexy”

Recently during the Fifa World Cup which was held in Qatar Drake bet $1 Million on Messi’s Argentina lifting the trophy which they eventually did but Drake didn’t end up winning the amount cause bet only included 90 minutes of full time but the final went onto penalty shootouts.

Apart from betting Drake also shoutout to both stars in his verse on Future’s song “I’m On One” where he rapped “Take her to see Cristiano, f— her in that Benz Viano /Champions League s–“ and later he says “I’m just all about my goals like I’m Messi,”

Watch the full video of IShowSpeed’s facetime call with Drake below: