50 Cent says Future is bigger than Jay-Z in streets

50 Cent was interviewed on MSNBC by Ari Melber, where the iconic Rapper from Queens discussed the 20th Anniversary of the biggest debut in hip-hop “Get Rich or Die Tryin” , his jounrey from a hip-hop star to TV Tycoon and more.

The host of MSNBC’s show “The Beat”, Ari bring up the topic of Atlanta hitmaker Future calling himself bigger in the streets than Hov (JAY-Z), 50 instantly agreed with this statement saying “Yes he is way bigger!” , went on to explain despite Future not having enough songs on the chart but they were hit in streets “There’s consistent music from him that didn’t chart..that is the huge records that people like love, and appreciate but Future’s have to be number one internally because those records didn’t chart. When later in his career, he is not gonna look at the stats and say we should pay you this kind of money because of records that were great on the streets”

Back in December 2021, Future sparked up a debate after he tweeted out “In the streets im bigger then jigga. Ima run me a B up easy.” Few days later of making his tweet the 39-year-old Rapper backed his claimed by co-signing a fan’s statement that he can beat Jay-Z in a Verzuz hits battle.