Kodak Black says he won’t do a collaboration with Drake anymore

Fans have been waiting for collaboration between Kodak Black and Drake as both Rappers have been teasing that they have recorded multiple songs together. During a recent chat with a fan on Instagram, Live Kodak has finally given an update on the impending collab.

Super Gremlin Rapper Kodak Black speaks on if we will get to hear any songs with him and Drake “I told Drake i don’t wanna do no collab. , no songs or albums cause we supposed to been drop a whole album before him and lil buddy did that s—” said Kodak possibly referring to Drake and 21 Savage’s joint album “Her Loss” which was released back in November.

Kodak further explained the plan for their release “Before lil buddy and him did that..i told him to wait to until 2023..February”. It’s notable that a few months ago Kodak Black teased that his upcoming album titled “Guns & Roses” will release in February 2023. As of now, it seems that the project’s release has been pushed back.

Just last year Kodak teased a potential joint album with Drake revealing, “Me and Drake we got so much music. It’s really on like whenver bruh feel like he be ready and stuff. Or when he’s like we gon drop the album ..it’s really on him”