Video : Cardi B turns up while doing community service

Superstar Cardi B recently has been sharing updates on her social media about the community service she has to do for 15 days as ordered by the court.

One of the videos from Cardi’s community service has now gone viral where the 30-year-old hitmaker can be seen grooving with fans on her latest hit with GloRilla called “Tomorrow 2”.


Before the viral clip Cardi shared a series of updates on Twitter about how the giving back is going, sharing mirror selfies with upscaled outfits as she captioned those pics “Day whatever the f— of community service……….Obey the law !!!!” , “On my way to serve some community service time …..DONT COMMIT CRIMES!” , “Community service ….I have to do a lot of hours today and I’m very sleepy ……..YOU DO THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME!!!!!” and “My brains are burning from waking up early ,community service then studio….but I did the crime “I only have myself to blame”. Check out the tweets below:

From the above tweets it may seem that Cardi isn’t happy with doing the time, a new clip shows that she’s enjoying herself. as she hit some moves while receiving cheers from fans. Watch below:

According to Page Six, Cardi was sentenced to community service after admitting she threw a hookah at two bartender sisters and ordered a buddy to attack one of them for allegedly sleeping with her husband, Offset. Cardi eventually failed to complete her time by the deadline last month so the judge pushed it to March 1.