Benzino calls Eminem’s fans as most disrespectful

Benzino who’s notorious for involving in an infamous beef with Eminem and former Shady Records member 50 Cent, ended the beef with him and his fans last year in March saying “ the beef is officially over. I’m letting y’all know I have no hate towards any of his fans” the 56-year-old also credited Eminem’s contribution in culture.

But it now seems Benzino is taking back his statement as he appeared on a podcast where he discussed beef with Eminem. “Do I regret beefing with Eminem? Hell no. We gonna be dead a lot longer than us when we was on this earth and it’s about the name you leave, the legacy you leave. When we went at Eminem it was not a go at him personally. It was not to go at white people. It was who I was and what I stood for. What I believed. And the position I was in.” 

Benzino also questioned Eminem’s status in Hip-hop saying “They want to give us Eminem and he’s the greatest, and he is the most… No! It’s not fair, man. My thing is.. The only regret I have is not going harder. We are different kind of rappers, lyrically. I don’t rap about what he raps about. I’m not into rap like that. I didn’t grow up listening to rap like that. I could relate to what was going on in my hood. You don’t have to be super lyrical. I like lyrical people too. Nas, Jay, they could put words together good. But “kakakaka” I’m not into that rap type. No disrespect. When he was disrespecting me, he was disrespecting my street credit. And my street credit was A1 and still is.”

Benzino regularly keeps going back and forth with Eminem fans on social media and also took a jab at them “When you look at Eminem and his fans, they are the most craziest disrespectful fans that we have in the culture”. Watch Benzino’s full interview below:

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