Melle Mel says Kendrick Lamar has no influence “Nobody wants to Rap Like him”

Member of Rap supergroup Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five  Melle Mel was a guest at The Art Of Dialogue where the veteran emcee discussed Billboard, Vibe’s list of Best Rappers Of All Time where Mel himself was ranked at #48.

Melle Mel questioned the #2 ranked Kendrick Lamar’s spot on the list saying “I mean obviously he made some songs, but those songs don’t translate into the street part of hip-hop” . Melle Mel further spoke about Kendrick not being influential “I don’t think you’ll hear Kendrick in the club like that. Now there might be  a record of his i don’t don’t translate him into being #2 Rapper of all time”

Melle Mel also compared Kendrick Lamar to his own Rap Group by saying “When we did The Message that was the beginning of conscious Rap..people started talking more conscious. After Kendrick Lamar does these songs nobody wants to rap like Kendrick Lamar.” Bronx Rapper also added “a lot of people wanted to Rap like Pac and Biggie.

Mel later bigged himself and criticized the people who made the list of Best Rappers by noting “I was the first great Rapper. People who made them list together, could they base it on what criteria that you put this list together. Does it fall under record sales, does it fall under longevity of career, does it fall on the stage presence, does it fall under rap skills or just the s— you like?”

Meanwhile, Billboard’s summary of ranking Kendrick Lamar at #2 says “The Compton native has become one of music’s most influential artists thanks to his vivid, thought-provoking — and sometimes controversial — lyrics, fearless genre experimentation, and agile-yet-masterful flow” 

Watch the full clip below: