Nicki Minaj reveals first artists signed to her new label

Young Money superstar Nicki Minaj went live on her Queen Radio on the occasion of the release of her single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze”.

Nicki surprised everyone by announcing that she has formed a new label which is unnamed for now and signed four artists as well. Nicki told the listeners “When I get behind an artist, y’all know how I do s— for people that’s not even signed to me. Imagine what I’ma do for the ones that’s signed.”

Queens vet Nicki Minaj’s signed artists include Jamaican artist Skeng who has recruited Nicki on his song “Likkle Miss” Remix and was also seen shooting a music video with her in Trinidad.

Bronx Emcee London Hill who appeared on Nicki’s Likkle Miss’ The Fine Nine Remix along with newcomer Rico Danna are the two Rappers signed to Minaj’s label.

Ghanaian artist Nana Fofie is another rising artist that Nicki signed to her label whom she first shouted out after her European Show a few months ago where Nana opened for Nicki Minaj and then promised to sign her right away.

( Nicki Minaj and Nana Fofie)

Nicki Minaj assured fans her label will include more versatile artists in the future. She also touched on her early days bright before officially signing by Lil Wayne “I understand the importance of having somebody else doing the heavy lifting for you. I understand why people are coming out and they’re so, you know, microwaveable and they’re here today and gone tomorrow because there’s no structure. There’s no real person that believes in them. That’s like, ‘Nah, I’m gonna make it my business to see you shine.”

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