Hitmaka says he’s hotter than Hit-Boy: “I am on the Radio, Hit-Boy is not.”

Chicago-based producer Hitmaka was a guest at Hot 97 with Jim Jones to promote their joint album “Back In My Prime” arriving on March 10. During the course of the interview Hitmaka up the ante by drawing comparisons with the super-producer and his peer Hit-Boy.

It all started with the host Ebro showing love to both producers but Hitmaka interrupted him by saying “See i’m on the radio , Hit-Boy is not on the radio”. Hitmaka’s statement was met with huge shock from the hosts, as the 37-year-old producer explained “I love Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy is a legendary producer he has been doing it way longer than me. Keeping it bean though , if you play the soundtrack of your life for the 4-5 years on the radio I know it gets frustrating with him because our names are so similar.”

Other than having similar monikers both producers Hit-Maka and Hit-Boy have produced some of the monumental songs for common artists like Lil Wayne , Big Sean , Nicki Minaj and more.

Ebro told Hitmaka that while you have songs on the radio, Hit-Boy is on a legendary run right now with his collaboration albums with Nas and Grammy wins. Hot97’s hosts later encouraged Hitmaka to go on a Verzuz battle as well. Watch the full interview below: