Joyner Lucas says Kanye died the day his mom did on new song ‘Devil’s Work 2’

Joyner Lucas has returned today with a sequel to his three-years-old song “Devil’s Work” where he continued the theme of reflecting back on the passing of major influence in cultures and the event which could have been avoided.

However, on Devil’s Work, 2 Joyner has included a line criticizing one of his idols Kanye West. Previously Lucas made a song titled “Ye’s Not Crazy” dedicated to Kanye where he defended the iconic Rapper’s antics.

Massachusetts emcee has now decided to take shots at Kanye as he raps “Bring Ye momma back ’cause he a mess, God
And he ain’t been the same ever since Donda West died /Yeah, that’s the day Kanye West died/First, his heart, then his mind, then the rest died.”

Kanye’s mother Donda West died back in 2007 since then Ye has paid tribute to her in many songs, most recently he released an album named after her “Donda”. A few months ago West made a claim about his late mom during an encounter with the paparazzi which shocked everyone “My mama ain’t here anymore. My mom was sacrifîced” said the 45 year old Rap mogul.

Devil’s Work 2 includes many other references such as Will Smith-Chris Rock slap, 6ix9ine’s testifying , Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s death , Migos Rapper Takeoff’s getting shot and much more. Listen below: