Nicki Minaj crowns Ice Spice “People’s Princess”

Rising Bronx native Ice Spice has got a major shoutout today as she covered Dazed Magazine. The cover of Dazed Magazine reads “The People’s Princess” which is now co-signed by none other than the self-proclaimed Queen Of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj.

Nicki took to her Twitter to share the Magazine cover and call the 22-year-old Rapper Ice “The People’s Princess”. Ice Spice responded to Nicki saying “Ya heard the Queen. In a response to a fan Nicki tells what she likes about “Munch ( Feelin U’ Rapper, “She my lil vibe she my ah ah ah”.

Ice Spice has been a fan of Nicki Minaj before the fame, as she tweeted “omg Nicki just followed me” back in 2020 when Nicki Minaj first started following her on Twitter.

Recently Nicki also commented lyrics of Ice Spice’s song “Princess Diana” under her post on Instagram making fans believe that Ice Spice might be getting a remix from the Queen herself.