NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk’s Ex India Royale exchange shots on Twitter

NBA Youngboy fans know that the Rapper has made a new account on Twitter with the username @BAEHELPTOP, as fans expected YB to promote his new music, the 23 years old Louisana based Rapper has started trading shots with his rival Lil Durk’s former girlfriend India Royale.

It all started with Youngboy’s tweet where he made fun of Durk and India Royale’s breakup saying “Lol damn I know how it be when that h-e turn to a demon” with a laughing emoji.

India Royale didn’t hold back as she responded with multiple tweets aimed at NBA Youngboy “Don’t speak on me b–. I let you slide the first time.” She also defended Durk saying “That’s still my BD . Ion play about him. Y’all can chill. Fr.” India continued mocking YB’s street credibility “That lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr. Ppl think because they was dirty and in the hood they automatically gang. You wasn’t toting no guns, you was food deprived.”

While affirming she’s talking about “Dent Head” aka NBA Youngboy who has a song with the same name and has sustained one such mark on his forehead. YB responded to India Royale by sharing a screenshot of his own song “Dent Head” as he wrote in the caption “b— I know 1 thing you ain’t gone muthaf— play with me”

Even though India Royale defending Durk against YB, many reports have now circulated that the Chicago Rapper and OTF founder has now unfollowed his ex on Instagram. Check all the back-and-forth tweets between India Royale and NBA Youngboy below: