Ja Rule says 50 Cent copied his style

New York’s vet Ja Rule was caught by TMZ paparazzi where he was confronted about pioneer and Furious Five member Melle Mel’s recent comments about him copying 50 Cent’s style.

Melle Mel who’s now becoming infamous to make provoking statements about big names in Rap has said in a new clip from The Art Of Dialogue that Ja Rule tried to copy his nemesis 50 Cent that’s why his song “New York” which also featured Fat Joe and Jadakiss didn’t become an anthem. “If he would have just made it pure New York record it would have been a way bigger record but he went the route of trying to sound hard because 50 Cent’s sound hard..” said Melle Mel comparing it to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys collab. “Empire State Of Mind”.


Ja Rule has snow responded to this saying “Me copying 50 is like the funniest s– ever.. because 50 copied me! I was his blueprint. Other than that my New York record was huge..one of the biggest New York records today..Empire State Mind is a huge record as well. But they are different..Mine is street anthem..and Empire State..is a commercial record”.

50 Cent and Ja Rule’s beef is one of the longest-standing beef in Hip-Hop history, starting back in the early 2000s both Rappers haven’t stopped taking shots at each other. It will be interesting to how Fif will react to this claim made by Ja Rule.

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