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Wendy Williams thinks Bobby Shmurda will be back to prison soon

Wendy Williams is back with another negative take on Shmurda situation after NBA Youngboy commnets. Wendy Williams would not be deterred from displaying her negative opinions, no matter what. Recently, Sherhonda Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy’s mother, responded with a few cussing posts after Williams claimed that


Bobby Shmurda applauds Quavo for being a true friend

Shmurda praised Quavo for not switching up on him, the whole six years he was locked up. He was greeted back home by a flood of support on the Net, especially from his music industry colleagues. It was Quavo who maintained his promise and picked


Quavo will pick up Bobby Shmurda from prison

Despite his seven-year sentence, Shmurda has stayed culturally significant. While before his incarceration, he didn’t release much music, Bobby quickly became one of New York’s most promising ┬árappers, injecting new energy into the music at the time. He got acquainted to the super group Migos

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