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Jay-Z starts $10 million fund for minority owned Cannabis Business

Roc-Nation boss Jay-Z starts 2021 with a new move. In a new interview with Wall Street Journal Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z revealed he’s aiming to invest $10 Million on minority owned Cannabis Business as almost 36 states in the country have legalized Weed industry for medical


Eminem receives new certifications in the UK

Eminem’s 2010 single “Not Afraid” is now certified 2X Platinum in the UK for selling 1,200,000 units in the country. Business from “The Eminem Show” is certified Silver for selling 200,000 units in the UK. The Detroit Emcee recently dropped the Side B(deluxe version) on

Cardi B will tell people’s fortune through Instagram

Cardi B is gearing up to tell people’s future during ending days of 2020 (26 December-31 December). “WAP” hitmaker Cardi announced on her latest IG post that people can contact her to know their fortune for 2021 as she launched  new Instagram page @CardiBtruthteller. Watch

Rumors – Jack Dorsey in talk to acquire Jay-Z’s “Tidal”

According to latest reports by an anonymous source, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has discussed a deal with JAY-Z  regarding his owned streaming service Tidal. Jay-Z who launched his own streaming service five years ago is being offered to partner Tidal with Jack’s owned digital-payment company