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Snoop Dogg lists his favorite Rappers right now

Westcoast legend Snoop Dogg joined Full Send Podcast for an hour-long exclusive chat with hosts on various topics like the much-known brotherhood with 2 Pac, buying Deathrow Records, and turning one of the staples in hip-hop label into an NFT label plus much more. Snoop


Lil Durk shocks the podcast hosts with his feature price

Lil Durk reveals how much he charges for a feature and says he’s got receipts. Lil Durk recently appeared on Full Send Podcast where the 29 year-old rapper talked about the importance of the social media in hip-hop industry, named his top three rappers and

Lil Durk names Top Three Current Rappers besides him

OTF boss Lil Durk appeared on Full Send Podcast as a part of his rollout for the newly released and number one album in the country ‘7220’.Β  During the course of the interview, Durk touched on many things like his relationship with Atlanta’s star Rapper