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DaBaby responds to backlash on viral “JoJo Siwa” lyrics

DaBaby received a lot of backlash past weekend for his misunderstood lyrics on the latest “Beatbox” freestyle. DaBaby rapped in the 2-minute track “Turn me up, n—s gon’ see why//N—a, you a b—h, JoJo Siwa (B—h)” while holding JoJo’s picture on his phone. The misconception

DaBaby gets roasted for allegedly dissing JoJo Siwa

Two days ago DaBaby released a video for his freestyle on viral song “Beatbox” in which he took some surprising shots at teenage youtube personality Jojo Siwa.   DaBaby rapped “Turn me up, n—- gon’ see why/N—-, you a b—-, JoJo Siwa (B—-)” and at