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Chris Brown clowns Kanye West’s new hairstyle

Chris Brown has some funny thoughts on Kanye West’s new hairstyle. After legally changing his name to “Ye” this week, Kanye West debuted a strange new hairstyle featuring shaved patches of hair. His new look instantly became a trending topic on social media. Many people


Kanye West legally changes his name to Ye

Back in August Kanye West filed a petition to change his name to Ye — just Ye with no middle or last name. West cited ‘Personal reasons’ for the name. Just a few hours ago Mr. West has successfully (and legally) changed his name to

Kanye West updates his album ‘Donda’ on streaming

As it was expected Kanye West has made some changes on his latest album Donda which is arguably the most hyped album of the year so far. Donda which was released unexpectedly earlier this month has now been updated quietly on streaming and new versions

Kanye West is planning to release playlist of unreleased songs

Kanye West who created a lot of hype in the past few months before releasing ‘Donda’ one of the most successful album releases of the year is not slowing down anytime soon. Kanye’s record engineer Mikalai Skrobat who has worked heavily on Donda has revealed

Kanye West purchases $57 Million worth house in Malibu

According to new reports, Kanye West has dropped $57 Million on an art piece house located in Malibu, the Seaside mansion based in Malibu was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Architectural Digest reports The 3,665 square foot home is divided into three stories: a