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Eminem adds another trophy to his collection

In his lustrous career Eminem has won numerous awards, now the latest award added to his collection is Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Major Label Recording for his 11th studio album “Music To Be Murdered By”. Eminem released his 11th studio album “Music To Be


Eminem seemingly throws shade at Snoop Dogg on his new video

Eminem has released a lyric video for his song “Tone Deaf” from side B of his 11th studio album “Music To Be Murdered By”. In the animated lyric video Eminem clowns cancel culture. This video is Legendary rapper’s response to people who are making unsuccessful


Eminem is the most streamed 90s artist in 2020

Eminem turned 48 years old in October, 2020 and still doing big numbers on all the streaming platforms. According to HDD list of most streamed artists, Eminem is placed at number 11 with 2,988,000,000 streams. Him and Lil Wayne are only 90s artists on the


Eminem confirms he did couple of songs for Dr. Dre

Eminem made an appearance on NYE special Shade 45 to talk about his new release “Music To Be Murdered By” Side B (Deluxe) hosted by Gray Rizzy. During the interview, Eminem reveals one of the songs from MTBMB side B “Guns Blazing” was Dr. Dre’s