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The Game discussed his latest ten-minute Eminem diss track “The Black Slim Shady” in an interview with the Rap Radar podcast. During a chat with Elliott Wilson and Brian Miller, the Compton rapper explained that he wanted to go after Eminem in a playful and competitive way because


Snoop Dogg says Eminem challenged him to try new style

Following the iconic “From The D 2 The LBC” collaboration, Eminem uploaded a new clip of him and Snoop chatting in a studio. In a 30-second sneak peek, the two hip-hop legends complement one other. “Yeah, but you killed it though,” Marshall says to Snoop


The Game’s next single is diss towards Eminem, says Wack 100

Exclusive information about The Game’s diss towards Eminem, including title and lyrics  Wack 100 revealed during a recent Clubhouse session (April 3) that Game’s new track takes some heavy punches at Eminem. “Going back-and-forth about this next Game single. This ni**a tryna start another fire,”


Westside Boogie talks about Eminem, Rihanna, upcoming album & more

Anthony Tremaine Dixson, also known as Westside Boogie, recently chatted with Smoothvega on the Nothing Beats Experience podcast about his relationship with Eminem, how Rihanna benefited his career, his upcoming album, the importance of mental health, and his experience with the Interscope Records, among other