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Soulja Boy claims he’s done with rap, announces acting career

Soulja Boy says he won’t be involved in any more hip-hop disputes while he concentrates on his acting career. Soulja Boy has had a busy couple of years, from releasing hip-hop songs to creating his own gaming platform. The 31-year-old rapper is preparing to add

NLE Choppa pays tribute to Soulja Boy

18 years old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa pays tribute to 30 years old Chicago rapper Soulja Boy. Shotta Flow rapper took to Twitter to give Soulja Boy his flowers, “Wanna take the time out my day to say I appreciate @souljaboy giving yo flowers while

Soulja Boy takes shots at Drake

Drake recently paid tribute to Bow Wow while celebrating his Hot 100 success. Drake recently made history, he became the first artist to debut three songs in the top 3 of the Billboard Hot 100. Drake gave Bow WoW credit for his success, “If it