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List of highest certified album rappers in the US

Stronger hitmaker Kanye West is the fifth highest certified rapper of all time in the United States by RIAA (albums). The rapper has earned 24 million album certified units by RIAA. Fourth on the list is Canadian Rapper Drake. The Take Care rapper has earned


Westside Boogie frestyles over 2pac’s “Do For Love”

Fans have been waiting on a new album for a long time, since 2019’s Everything’s For Sale, Westside Boogie’s major label debut. The Compton native is keeping his fans’ anticipation high for a full project, which he’s teased could be coming along in the very

Dax releases new music video “KILLSHOT 3”

Dax is back with the third installment of his “KILLSHOT” series that started as the freestyle on the beat of Eminem’s one of the most popular diss tracks “KILLSHOT” towards Machine Gun Kelly. Dax released the video of KILLSHOT 2 one year ago and now

Jhené-Aiko- Eminem-Tupac

Jhené Aiko reveals her top 5 rappers

American singer Jhené Aiko reveals her top 5 rappers during a conversation with DJ Khaled on his Amazon Music podcast “The First One”. When asked about her top 5 favorite rappers, Jhené replied, “Don’t do this to me”. She started the list with one of the greatest rappers